Perfect Scoundrels on audio

Hi all.

A lot of you have expressed interest in getting Perfect Scoundrels on audio. I assure you that I want that to happen too!

I actually do not hold audio rights for my books (those were sold to my publisher, Disney-Hyperion, as a part of the initial publishing deal.) Disney is currently in negotiations with my audiobook publisher (Brilliance Audio) and working out some behind-the-scenes business-y things regarding their contract terms.

I do not know all the details, but I do know that 1. You guys want an audiobook. 2. I want an audiobook. 3. Hopefully there will be an audiobook eventually.

I know you are incredibly frustrated. As a big audiobook fan myself, I completely understand.

But I’m afraid it is going to take a little more patience on our part. I’m very sorry.



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    For KK fans waiting for audio books… Looks like all Disney audio books are held up for now.
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