Hi everyone!

And a happy weekend to you.

I just turned in a first draft of a secret project (kept secret because it is highly unlikely that anything will ever come of it, and I don’t want to confuse anyone or open myself up to endless questions about it.)

But…short version…this means I’m taking it easy this weekend. And for me “taking it easy” = “watching lots of movies”.

One of my favorite things about movies? The special commentaries!  I just love listening to how the filmmakers…ya know…made the film. I’ve often wished there were a way to do that for novels—to add my personal notes and stories as you read along.

Well, I haven’t figured out a way to do that for a whole novel, but there are a few tidbits I thought I’d go ahead and share. Like…

I’ve come up with all the titles of my books except two:

—Perfect Scoundrels was the brainchild of Lisa Yoskowitz, an editor at Disney-Hyperion
—United We Spy was a suggestion from fab YA goddess, E. Lockhart

Many of the dedications of my books have been pretty clear. For my family, for my friend, etc. But a couple bear some explanation:

—Perfect Scoundrels is dedicated to “The Hale Girls”. A lot of you have taken that to mean “all the girls who are in love with Hale.” As nice as that would be, it is actually intended an a tribute to my great aunts “The Hale Girls”, one of whom (Hazel) passed away when I was writing this book.

—Love You Kill You is dedicated to one of my sister’s best friends who also, sadly, passed away when I was working on the novel.

Sometimes the names of the characters come to me easily. Sometimes not.

—Cammie was named Cammie because I wanted a first name that could be a last name that started with the letter C (so there would be alliteration with “chameleon”)

—Bex was a cool nickname I heard once for Rebecca

—Liz and Macey were just always Liz and Macey

—I’d always just liked the names Josh and Zach

—Joe Solomon was because King Solomon was the “wise” king and that seemed appropriate

—Rachel is maybe my favorite name ever (and originally there was a fifth roommate named Rachel, but I decided four was a better number).

—Kat was the name that came with the idea—“a book about a girl named Kat, who is a burglar”. But I did debate for a long time if she should be Cat or Kat, Katherine, Katarina, Katrina…etc.

—Hale came while I was in a museum in Salt Lake City. I saw the name on a plaque, and I realized it would be perfect (I had already decided to have the hero of that series go by his last name only.)

—Gabrielle is named after the actress who plays Fiona on BURN NOTICE, Gabrielle Anwar.

—Bishop was the last name of the hero in one of my favorite heist movies (SNEAKERS). So I gave Kat that last name as an homage.

—Townsend: in the first several drafts of GG4 I simply referred to his character as “Teacherdude”. Finally, my friend Jennifer Lynn Barnes (who had read an early draft) told me that she was tired of calling him Teacherdude, and I should just call him Townsend. So I did.

—Preston: ditto the above. For a long time, I called him PrezSon until Jen told me to stop it and just call him Preston. So…again…I did.

—I probably spent more time deciding on the name Visily Romani than I have ever spent on any name. Ever.

I wish I had the time to visit all the places that I write about. In actuality I’m not quite that organized. I have however made the following research trips:

—Italy—New York

My favorite place that I’ve visited for research was the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. They were amazing, and I knew I had to put them in a book (which I did. GG5.)

And that’s all I can think of for now. If and when I think of some more fun facts I will do this again. (if you guys enjoy it!)



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