How did you get the inspiration for Embassy Row?

Asked by atownfulloflosers

Embassy Row was born almost SEVEN years ago! I remember it quite vividly. I had just quit my day job and was getting ready to move. (*stops and reflects on the fact that I haven’t had a day job in almost SEVEN YEARS* wow. Anyway…)

So that day I did three things that I remember.

1. I went to the carpet store and bought a rug for my new house (the rug is irrelevant to this discussion. I just distinctly remember doing that.)

2. I had a long talk with Sarah Mlynowski on my cell phone (while I was shopping for rugs). In this talk, we discussed our mutual love of thrillers and how we really hoped that the YA thriller market would become a thing.

3. I went to my local library to say goodbye to my local librarian who had become a good friend. Her son was away at college and we talked about his major. He had decided that he wanted to go into the diplomatic corp/foreign services but, she said, “then my grandchildren will have to grow up in embassies all over the world.”

YA Thrillers.
Children growing up in embassies all over the world.

And thus Embassy Row was born.

It took a long time to finally be able to write it. And it evolved a lot from that initial burst of an idea. But the heart of the story never waivered. And the rest only got better.

I absolutely cannot wait for you guys to read it!